House of 8 Media believes eyeballs are the new real estate. From the big screen to the screen in your pocket, each platform is  a unique tool for delivering your message.

We are an enterprise of creative architects who are committed to living sustainable lives as entrepreneurs who do what we love: make movies. As passionate and experienced storytellers we effortlessly coach while we create.

If this is your first time working with video or your hundredth time, you couldn’t have picked a better team.

We welcome you to join our House of 8.

Live Event Coverage

For live theatre, conferences, training seminars, product introductions, weddings or any special event, we provide professional service with state-of-the-art equipment, at an affordable price.

Every live event is an opportunity to create a product for the world to see.

From live theatre to community events and corporate presentations, House of 8 Media helps to jumpstart the digital presence of our clients with professional service and state-of-the-art equipment at an affordable price. Now with live streaming, wireless multi-camera technology. 

“The Mulligans”, a band by the Monterey Peninsula Country Club

A sample of Highlight Reel of a Live Performance
Combined with your company’s graphics, proper lower-thirds titles, PowerPoint presentations, or other prepared media, we combine the day’s interviews, speeches, and appropriate “b-roll” with our extensive music library to create a video everyone will be proud to share widely.

Trust us to capture the beauty of your wedding day so your guests don’t have to. We offer a short-form cinematic film for you to be proud to share widely as well as a full documentary experience of every notable event, toast, and memorable moment.

We are experienced filmmakers. Allow us to do what we do best and capture your wedding day for you to cherish on any device at any time forever. Ask us about our new private, live-streaming add-on for those who cannot not attend the ceremony. Trim your guest count down by providing them with a live digital experience of the best views – direct from our multi-camera, telephoto cinematic rigs and quality audio feed.

View our portfolio of wedding productions here:



Remember that great toast by the Best Man? Let’s see it again, shall we? We have multiple packages available for capturing your special wedding day. Get a film made for your wedding or simply amazing photos by the legendary Michelle Magdalena Maddox. We make it possible to sit back and enjoy ALL of the events of that day anywhere at anytime…forever.


A video that is the perfect balance between your business’s commercial appeal and your personal mission can be a powerful tool that you can use to define what you do forever.

View our Portfolio of commercial videography here

Sunset Presents (2017/2018 Season)

“I worked with Mike and Jules of House of 8 Media for the first time several weeks ago, as they created a video for one of Sunset Center’s events. The results were beautiful, professional, and had real wow factor. Our patrons were blown away by the film, which showcased our 2017-2018 performance season lineup. In addition, House of 8 was lovely to work with—friendly and warm, and highly effective in communication, workflow, and time management. I would recommend their services in a heartbeat. 5 Stars!”

— Alex Richardson
Outreach & Marketing Manager, Sunset Center

Kern Dentistry: “Better, Brighter Smiles” – Infomercial for Comcast

Allow us to dive into the creative soup with you and cinematically translate your brand’s message, live theatrical performance, or live event opportunity into a beautiful short-form video for the world to behold on TV or online. We love to help you plan, write, produce, and deliver a premium product worthy of network TV or online. From 30 second spots to infomercials, we can scale production scope at hand; maximizing your production budget to meet the creative vision we co-create together.

Real estate videos work on several levels. For sellers, it helps them differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. For buyers, a good estate film will create an emotional connection to the home. Today, buyers want to experience a property virtually before they come see it in person. There are a record number of properties on the market, and our real estate film will capture your property’s irresistible features. We offer a professional, effortless experience that will ultimately pay for itself.

Real estate videos create a unique atmosphere for buyers and sellers. For sellers, it helps them to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. For buyers, it creates an emotional connection to the home. In today’s digital world, our real estate film will capture your property’s irresistible features for buyers to experience virtually before seeing it in person. We offer a professional, effortless cinematic first impression of your luxury property that will ultimately pay for itself.

Luxury Package

A Contemporary Estate Film uses the best media available. A combination of HDR photography (use your own or hire us) with soaring aerials, additional interior and exterior video as needed, and custom 2D graphics that beautifully match your companies specs. All of this set to a royalty free music score from our library that never disappoints.

Deluxe Package

A Narrated Cinematic Experience is the right choice for the talented agent who wants not only to make a great film about a listing, but differentiate him or herself in a highly competitive market. This film will be driven by the story behind the home as told by the one who knows the most about it; you. Together we can craft a brief film that everyone will be proud enough to share widely. When we do that, this film will WORK for you and you will sell your listing faster than if you stuck to traditional methods.



When we capture a story worth telling, we propel our collective culture forward. Allow us to be the lens to which the world perceives your organization’s good work. Let’s have a good time together, and make a definitive film about what you do and how you do it.

Butterfly Town

An original song for the city of Pacific Grove, California. America’s last hometown.
Director/Director of Photography // Michelle Magdalena
Additional Photography by Michael Buffo
Edited by Sandra Falkowski
Produced by Moe Ammar


As the Director of Photography of choice for many of the most reputable businesses, institutions, and venues on the Monterey Peninsula, Michael Buffo prides himself on preserving our region’s arts, culture, and entertainment. He strives to show up with as much generosity as the client can handle with multiple camera systems to choose from, providing unexpected wireless HD monitoring solutions, and delivering much more than originally ordered.


eLearning Courses

Each time you teach is an opportunity to create an information product. We offer video productions for your workshops at an affordable rate on a competitive timeline. Each production includes an experienced “Course Coach” who help you design your production from start to finish without interfering too much with your current curriculum. We will also work with you to write, plan, and film the appropriate promotional material that will serve to sell the course. The experienced entrepreneur knows that true financial leverage is passive income from information products.

The Art of Fermentation: Strategies & Best Practices

An expert guide into simple fermentation practices so you can improve your family’s diet by eating probiotic food.

Decision Making Mastery: Think Clearly and Choose Wisely

A clear approach to making sound decisions that are defensible to challenge.


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